Today is what I will henceforth refer to as a marathon day.  This means that in addition to waking up at the crack of 4:30 so that I can wait in line for the shower and still make it to the high school for the Collaboration Meeting, as well as observing and teaching 5 regular class periods, I also have class going from roughly 4:30PM to 9:45PM at the University.  That’s roughly 17 hours in which I am expected to be running at peak capacity.  A marathon.

The beginning alone nearly killed me.  I had trouble sleeping last night and ended up going to sleep around 2:30AM.  This meant that I was waking up at 4:30 with the expectation that I get ready to go, and then drive across two freeways in my sleepless state.  I made it, though I admit there was one incident in which I stayed at an intersection for a little too long after the red had already given way to the coveted green light.

I then took a 10 minute nap in the parking lot.  It was some of the best sleep I’ve ever had.


A Stupid Writer

As a writer, I’m very selfish with my writing; I don’t want to seem like an asshole or anything, but I just always don’t want anything of mine stolen. It’s the way a writer’s mind works; there are two categories of writing;

  • worth stealing
  • stolen.

Every writer wants to write something worth stealing. Not so someone will steal it, but just so they know that they have SOMETHING other people would want; I mean, what else does a writer have? They have their notebook (computer or otherwise) and their personal lives. Then of course, we get to the budding writers. The ones that have other things going on in their lives, and use the fact that they have something worth stealing as a way to bolster enough confidence to support their precious egos.

Those who write stolen things, things that aren’t theirs must be the smarter people. They must be; How the hell are they still in the writing industry instead of dealing with plagiarism lawsuits and stuff? Oh sure, they may suck at writing, but they must be crafty to get past the radar.

Of course, it’s entirely likely that they don’t exist, because there’s no proof they do; if they were caught, they wouldn’t be part of the smart group. Then again, it’s impossible to prove that something doesn’t exist. Prove to me that something doesn’t exist, someone. You can’t.

Unfortunately, I’m a “stupid” writer, and therefore am doomed to forever rely on my own creativity, ingenuity, and imagination to come up with new and stimulating material for others to read and deem “worth stealing.”

And yet we’re all indignant at people stealing it, because it’s not cool to steal. It’s okay to think about stealing it, but not okay to steal.

How to write what you need to

The key to writing what you need to write is not necessarily the same as saying all you need to say. Often you will write and write and write and the things you needed to write are not the same things you needed to say, because some things are meant to be written… and of course others are not.

This blog will be full of things I feel necessary to write down, not necessarily full of current events about my life as a service like LiveJournal tend to encourage. My friend Joe will most likely be my sole bookmarker, as I am not yet sure how well this experiment will pan out.

We’ll see.